hutton parish council

On Tuesday 21st July Hutton Parish Council bought at auction for £40,000 2.42 acres of pasture land lying off Moor Lane directly north of Moorcroft Road, just outside the village fence.

The plot had been classified as “investment land”.  As it can be accessed through two spurs off Moorcroft Road, it offered development potential for social housing, which might well gain planning permission despite being outside the settlement boundary.

The Parish Council acted in fulfilment of its obligation under the Parish Plan of 2004, which was based on research from the Vital Villages Survey 2003.  In that study 90% of respondents regarded retention of greenfield sites in the parish as extremely important, 74% considered the parish needs no new housing, and therefore “It is the general policy of the Parish Council to oppose housing or industrial development on the green areas both outside the village settlement boundary and elsewhere within the parish.”
To finance the purchase of the land, associated legal and planning fees, and very important, make provision for fencing and developing the site in whatever way it is decided to provide the parish with an asset of long-term value (see below), a Public Works Loan Board loan of £55,000 was obtained, repayable at 4.55% fixed over 30 years, an average cost to Council Tax paying households of £2.15 per year.
The Parish Council proposes to develop the site as an amenity for the community, and will hold public consultations with all parishioners at an early opportunity.  If in the meantime you have any comments or queries on the action taken so far, or ideas for use of this new parish land, please write to or e-mail the clerk, or speak to individual councillors.
The Council aims to protect and enhance the character of this parish, and we look to residents to contribute to discussions which will lead to imaginative and beneficial development of this land which now belongs to the whole parish.

Further Information

You can read a full rationale on page 5 of the
Parish Plan.
At The Taste of Somerset market on St. Mary’s Field on 2nd September, there will be an information point explaining this land purchase, where you can ask questions and register your views.

On Friday 2nd October, at 7:30pm in the Village Hall, there will be a meeting open to the whole parish.  The views of all parishioners will help determine how best we use the new parish land for the benefit of the community.

See here for the location map - look for HPC July Land Purchase.