hutton parish council

The Hutton SuperPond is part of the Weston-super-Mare strategic flood solution.

Construction of the SuperPond started on 16 June 2014 by CA Backwell.

Details of a presentation to the Parish Council is here.

The letter to residents is here.

A plan of the work is here.


Blackwell was recently awarded the Weston-super-Mare Strategic Flood Storage Scheme The storage areas are shallow excavations, between 1 and 1.5 meters deep resulting in the removal of some 500,000m3 of soil.  The installation of water control structures including head walls, flap valves, spillways and culverts/pipes will be required on the adjacent rhynes plus 3000 meters of maintenance access tracks.  To facilitate recreational access the construction of approx 3000m of surfaced footpaths and installation of 3 bridges with associated landscaping, tree planting and seeding of the sites once excavation is complete.