hutton parish council

The Council is made up of ten elected members, the choice of whom is made by registered electors from the parish on a four-year cycle coinciding with elections to the North Somerset District Council.  Hutton Parish Councillors work as a team, members of which disregard influence from or allegiance to political parties, which we believe have no part to play in parish affairs.

Members, Staff and Key Contacts

At 14 May 2019, members of the Parish Council & contact telephone numbers are:-
John Cole
01934 811424
Peter Dutton
01934 815470
Vice Chairman
Amy Harris
01934 239551
Clare Howard
01934 811648
Ralph Howard
01934 811648
Mark Perry
01934 249162
Terry Porter
01934 813399
Alan Seabrook
01934 253199
Polly White
01934 814939

The Clerk to the Council and Proper Financial Officer of the Council, is:
Steve Cope
The Parish Council Office
Hutton Village Hall
Church Lane
BS24 9SN
Tel - 01934 813871
email -
Written and e-mailed communications to the Council should be routed through the clerk at the above contact references.
The Clerk is available in the Parish Council Office at the Village Hall each weekday morning between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
In addition, the Parish employs:-
 4 Village Orderlies
1 Churchyard Orderly
2 Handymen (also employed as Orderlies)