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Education Provision in North Somerset Consultation

Submitted on 04 April 2018

Dear Stakeholder
The consultation on Education Provision in North Somerset ~ A Commissioning Strategy 2018 – 2021 is due to close on the 27th April 2018.   This draft Education Delivery Plan sets out how the Council hopes to work with our existing and new partners to deliver the right numbers of school and pre-school places in the right locations to meet Basic Need.  We are keen to hear the views and comments of all stakeholders.  The consultation document is available at

Parts of the document include strikethrough comments.  These refer to strategies that have been in previous plans but may or may not be included in future proposals.  We would appreciate your specific feedback on whether these should be contained or removed from the final plan.

The next consultation event being held is as below:


Twilight Session -  11 April 2018 ~ 6 – 7:30pm at Castlewood, Clevedon

If you wish to attend the session we would be grateful if you could email
Finally, may we thank you in anticipation for your input. 
Sally Varley 
Service Leader – Strategic Planning & Governance
People and Communities
North Somerset Council